Dr. R. Anton Ingard, D.C., N.D.


“Optimum Health Through Naturopathic Health Care”

With this “mission statement” our approach to Naturopathic health care is focused on programs that promote and develop optimum health in each individual through:        

  1. 1.Careful listening to each individuals story thereby obtaining a "Life Style Assessment".

  2. 2.Organ systems functional assessment to objectively identify the primary interference to function and health be they structural, chemical, mental / emotional, nutritional, electromagnetic or a combination of the above.

  3. 3.Then the skilled application of naturopathic treatments which include soft tissue therapies, acupuncture, botanical and homeopathic medicines, clinical nutrition, physical therapeutics, detoxification therapies and spinal, cranial and peripheral manipulation techniques  with scheduled progress monitoring and re-evaluations.